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Tips for Installing and Using Digital Signage on Vehicles


One of the most effective ways to advertise is through the use of digital signage. This is because digital signage is not limited to one space, like a traditional paper ads, and can easily be displayed in different locations. Our … Continue reading


Three major advantages of Machine learning for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are better at finding and keeping customers, growing their businesses faster, running with a more flexible and talented team, and saving money than they have ever been before. Why? Machine learning. Machine learning, sometimes called AI and often represented … Continue reading

Top 5 Spelling Mistakes That Make Common Signs Hilarious!

The worst marketing mistakes we’ve noticed that would definitely have benefitted from a spell check. Isn’t it remarkable how credible brands (think Pepsi, McDonald’s, and Lush) can suffer from so many marketing mishaps? With bank-breaking budgets that would cripple most … Continue reading

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Go cloud-based digital signage and ditch that USB

Entry level Digital signage can be easy to access for those customers who require a very simple solution. This maybe in the form of a USB stick that is loaded with media content and placed in the rear of a … Continue reading

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