Coca Cola is talking to you…


… via the screen. Where? At the Quatre Temps shopping mall in Paris.When? during a sales season when crowds of people are gathering in shops. Coca- Cola took advantage of this moment and put up a streetmarketing campaign ”with a twist” around its global ”Love it Light”.

The idea is addressing the consumer in a personlised manner with a catchy, funny message. ”Still on the phone?” asks the girl on the screen when a person on the phone comes around. ”Nice hat” is the compliment a person with the hat receives ”from the advert”, ”Are you a model or what?” and ”You two are definitely fashion- addicts” is how he brand flatters classy passers-by who surprised, stop and watch- and some respond.

Now I’m not sure which of them are hired actors and which are not, but the ”screen” seems to have catched attention and created some fun. This shows what interactive digital signage could be like and what effects it might have. The screen is given a personal voice that approaches not masses of people but individual consumers who, feeling ”in the spot light”, react to its message. This two way communication between the brand and its audience has been a central topic in the industry in an effort to make consumers feel not ”talked at” but engaged in the conversation and why not – as in this example- involved in the making of the advert itself.

Coca Cola’s Love it Light streetmarketing operation- is indirectly giving a voice to the consumer as well- which is what Twitter feeds in digital signage applications and digital media platforms like Screach are trying to enable digital signage users to do.

Enjoy the video!


Pas mal du tout, as the French would say.

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5 thoughts on “Coca Cola is talking to you…

  1. This is great, lots of potential on the idea. I’ll definitely like to see them “go bigger” with it, it’s worth the shot.

  2. We liked it as well Wilhelm. My only reserve would be due to the fact that I don’t know how many of the people who viewed the mall campaign will remember it was Coca Cola’s and how many of them actually acknowledged the brand during the interaction.

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