Just how mind blowing are LED screen specifications?

I find it amazing that even though LED screens have been around for a long time, the specifications etc behind them can be sort of mind blowing.

Here is a screen we came across a while back, it’s been around for a while and attempts to mimic the famous Las Vegas Freemont Street spectacular. Called ‘Beijing Skyscreen at The Place’ this monster of a screen is a beauty to look at.



The specifications are impressive – 6000 square metre (nearly 65,000 sq ft) canopy consisting of 14.5 million LEDs which, when fully driven draw a total power of over 2MW. The 200m × 30m (656ft × 98ft) canopy is 25m (82ft) above floor level. .

The canopy is used at night as an LED screen and is designed to act as a transparent roof during the day.


















That is 2MW of energy – WOW !

A video (thanks to YouTube) is below.

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