Top 5 reasons why Higher Education institutions need digital signage

20% of all US colleges already implement digital signage which comes to prove the system’s usefulness in campuses. Experts claim that universities should improve their digital communication with their students. After reading a few articles (from HE magazines) we came up with a short simple list of needs that digital signage addresses and the benefits deriving from this.

1. All colleges/ universities address a large audience, having to send the same message in the same time in different locations across their campuses. With centrally- controlled screens and a user- friendly software campus- information flow becomes easier, faster and cost- effective. And until the magazine is printed and the emails/texts read a dynamic screen will get the latest news across the campus.

2. Budget- control is a big issue in today’s scheme of things. Upfront payments, expensive software and maintenance costs are not an option anymore for many of us. And why should it be when there are cloud- based communication software that remove many technical complexities so that educational establishments can focus on what really matters to them: education.

3. Crisis management. Coordinating thousands of students in the shortest time possible while preventing misinformation is something you can’t do using printed posters… But in a few clicks one can send safety messages,  calm panicked students and prevent disasters from happening by displaying the right message in the right place on screens throughout the campus.

4. Generate revenue. With fund- raising a more and more challenging matter colleges/universities can complement the traditional financing sources by selling advertising space on their screens to organisations and companies of relevance to students;

5. Go green. By reducing printing a HE institution is providing a tangible support to environmental projects and leverage the public goodwill.

They say that enhancing students’ experience is an easier thing to say than do. Not quite so. With the help of digital signage you can not only inform but also entertain the audience with relevant videos and ads. You can also advertise your institution- almost for free! See below a (silent) example (sorry no sound) of a advertising campaign of Macquarie University (Australia)

and a demo of a university’s digital signage project


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