A check list for your digital signage solution


Read this if you’re asking yourself the most important question that someone looking for a digital signage solution has in mind: ”What do I need to buy?”*. So for making things easier for you we came up with a really short list of things to consider and allocate finances for before launching the project.

1. The software. It’s one of these things which while intangible are very important. In order for your images, videos to appear on the screen you need a software that would help you to upload and schedule them. You can opt for an on-premise one (if you project is massive or quite complex) or for a cloud- based alternative (if you want an easy- to-use software, accessible over the Internet). In the first case, you will purchase and own the software for which you will only pay once, in the latter case you will ”rent it” and pay a monthly or yearly fee (as you would for digitalsignage.NET).


2. The hardware– screen and media player. The screen is the most visible part of the install and the medium that supports the communications. The media player is the bit that makes the connection between the software and the screen. You need a media player per display if you want each screen to show different information or one media player for several displays if you want them all to show the same communications.


You can choose a small size size screen (like a digital signboard or a photo frame) which has its own operating system (so no extra- purchases needed). Due to its size (10”) it can be placed on reception desks, near the cashier so you’re saving space. Yet, due to its size you can only play simple videos and images (so you have to be attentive to the format). If however you’re opting for a larger screen (24”, 40” etc.).


3. The installation. Someone will need to install the screens and configure the media players. Usually, an audio-visual integrator can help you with that as well as with putting your digital signage system together.

We hope we’ve made things clearer for you. Nonetheless we’re still here to advise, inform and provide you with anything information you may need for a successful digital signage project.

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