Screenmedia Magazine launches Digital Signage Guide

The Guide to Dynamic Digital CommunicationSome of you might already be acquainted to The Guide to Dynamic Digital Communication, an initiative started by Screenmedia Magazine two years ago, intended to educate end-users and integrators about the benefits of digital signage and the solutions currently available on the market.

Based on the correct assumption that no one company can promote the industry on its own, the publication aims to leverage its rich contacts database and trade shows presence to promote the industry with the help of this new tool, marketed as ‘a 100% independent, industry encyclopedia’’.

According to Mike Davidson, the editor of the Guide, this is designed to be a manual and a sales tool for integrators wanting to offer digital signage solutions to their clients as well as an idea generator for end-users looking to make digital signage part of their marketing & communication strategy.

This being said, here’s a sample chapter of the 1,000- page publication. Its online version includes 70 videos exemplifying the different types of technology presented. It includes sector-specific case studies, checklists, purchasing advice and project management instructions.

The Guide is also accompanied by an online directory- which is still work-in-progress- that lists vendors of digital signage software (yes, we’re on there), hardware, content providers, distributors etc.

The Guide to Dynamic Digital Communication is available for purchase from and comes with a Strategy Planner and an Account/ Project Manager- two other resources offered by Screenmedia.

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