In the spotlight: Howard Smith- our Founder Director

The mastermind behind POVNG and digitalsignage.NET

This is the first  from a series of staff interviews meant to introduce you to different staff members of our organisation whose efforts and commitment make Dynamax and digitalsignage.NET the company and product they are today. The first interviewee is Howard Smith, the Founder Director of our company.

1. Please tell us more about your work at Dynamax. What does it entail?

A multitude of things. Everything from strategy through to business planning (numbers) through to technical work. Every day is different. By the time this article is published, I will be in the Middle East on business with my sales hat on, and then the week after I’ll be off to a board meeting with my Director hat on.

2. What excites you the most about your job?

As mentioned above, the fact that every day can be different. I enjoy the culture of small companies where every individual has the opportunity to do many things and make a difference.

3. Three things to know about Dynamax as a company.

a) We are one of the longest standing companies in the industry which is quite unique for a British digital signage software provider.

b) We address all parts of the digital signage sector from enterprise through to simpler requirements.

c) We make lovely coffee for our guests visiting us in Blackburn.

 4. You are the mastermind behind digitalsignage.NET. What makes this product different and what was the vision governing its launch?

The vision was to try and remove some of the mystique and black art that surrounds many digital signage systems. Also to bring the price point down to a level that appeals to small and medium enterprises.

5. Would you like to share something with us about POV, the on-premise digital signage software of Dynamax?

POV was our first digital signage software and is still going strong. Currently on version 4.7 it is aimed at the enterprise end of the market, with an emphasis on advertising-funded networks.

6. Tell us something about yourself.

I am a cycling fanatic and a keen Gym attendee, but I still need to loose some weight. I need a desk that combines a workstation with a cycling machine J

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