Infographic: Should you consider digital signage? (Hospitality)


A few months ago, we’ve published a white paper on the benefits of digital signage in hospitality. However, if you’re still not sure if this is the right communication solution for your hotel and restaurant, we encourage you to go through the questions below.

Digital signage solutions usually get confused with simple TV’s and are often dismissed because of this reason. Yet the system is more sophisticated and flexible than this, allowing users to display their own communications, interact with the viewer (with the help of smartphones) and stream information from a variety of sources (thanks to smart digital signage software and hardware incorporating HTML5 technologies).

Today’s consumers are ’’highly informed, empowered and instantly connected to sympathetic friends and allies everywhere’’ (Marketing Magazine, June 27, 2012).

Answering the questions below will help you determine if you want/ are ready to engage, influence and inform this über- connected guest in a meaningful manner with the aim of transforming him/her into a loyal customer (you may want to read this Harvard Business Review Article on the über- connected organisation).



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