How to set up your IAdea photoframe or player using digitalsignage.NET

Fresh from the press- a new User Guide is now available. Learn how to add your IAdea photoframe or player to your digitalsignage.NET portal in just a few minutes.  The guide presents the following 4 simple steps accompanied by corresponding photos.

Step 1- Connect your device

Step 2- Configure it

Step 3- Get your unique Hex Code

Step 4- Register

Step 5- Display your content and inform your audience.

Click on the following link to download our Quick Setup Guide.

And have a look at the video below that walks you through the entire process.


These resources are intended to highlight the compatibility between the products as well as their user- friendliness, allowing you to get your message on the screen quickly and easily.

Sign up  to digitalsignage.NET for free and experiment with the technology.  IAdea’s XDS-101 digital signboard integrates the media player, high brightness display and wireless network. Due to their convenient dimensions they can be placed on reception desks or on store shelves helping you maximise space.

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