New white paper: Digital Signage for Retail

The rise of etailers like ASOS, the increase in the cost of commodities and in VAT and the fierce competition for share of wallet add extra- pressures on retailers who need a total rethink of the in-store strategy. Digital signage in store is not all about beautifying premises or creating out of the ordinary customer experiences but (mainly) about increasing sales and profitability.

The white paper addresses the current challenges in this environment and recent studies that represent the starting point for the various recommendations presented. The main topics presented are:

1) The advantages of using digital signage at the point of sale (POS);

2) Digital signage ROI- the importance of establishing goals and tracking the financial impact of the system;

3) The importance of content for achieving your goals;

4) The technicalities of a digital signage system (on-premise vs. cloud-based digital signage software).

The whitepaper also highlights the importance of integrated communications and the need to make digital signage a part of a larger communication strategy. The big(ger) story will be digital signage as one of many channels and devices. 

Download it now.


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