Stanley House- our newest partner


One of the benefits of being part of an active business community is that you don’t only get to meet companies (or should I say their representatives) for whom your services are beneficial but also companies whose services are useful to you as well.

Stanley House is one of these companies, a luxurious country house hotel based in Lancashire, famous for the beauty of its 17th century architecture and its tasteful interior design (and tasty cuisine!). And yes, they are our newest business partner and anyone visiting their website will see why we have the joy to announce Stanley House as our preferred local conference facility for any Dynamax official meeting (and good news for any Dynamax visitors from far away -our preferred location for our guests).

We’ve already made reference to the hospitality sector before but from a different perspective. That of digital signage and its communication benefits for hotels and their guests. For reiterating this idea, we are summarising the ways in which digital signage could help the hotels in adopting it:

enhance the guests’ experience– as the screens could provide the information people are usually looking for (wayfinding directions, meeting schedules, upcoming events etc.) in a modern and simple way. In just a few clicks the screen content can be updated, scheduled, corrected without the need for printing and reprinting of administrative documents …which leads us to our next point…

the reduction of administrative costs and communication- related paperwork. The cut in printed material and the eco-friendly attitude it demonstrates could also leverage public goodwill for the venue;

the time spent by staff updating notices will be considerably decreased too as they will no longer need to remove and replace old posters from each particular location, but could update information from their desk within minutes. In this way, a hotel’s human resource management as a whole would be improved as staff will be freed up to take on other tasks;

For a longer list of benefits click here, other ideas always welcome.

In the end, it’s all about image…digital signage is a mean of promoting the right brand image a hotel would want to develop. Speaking of which, we’ll let the pictures ”talk” about the beautiful  premises of our newest partner-  Stanley House.





















Business… always a pleasure.


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