Japanese firm develops Android- based multi-touch digital signage display


Perhaps to no one’s surprise, the Japanese are experimenting with manufacturing Android- based digital signage displaysSKR Technology, a Japanese digital signage hardware producer, announces the development of a 32” multi-touch device running on Android, as reported by DigInfo TV and InAVate. The company’s decision to come up with this product was caused by their clients’ request for a large touch- screen device, similar to a smartphone in terms of resolution and fluidity of movement. As SKR notes, Windows 7 didn’t help them meet these requirements and since the company plans to be doing a lot more with Android (23” and 46” Android- based screens are said to be launched in the not so distant future) they’ve decided to develop the system themselves.

“We plan to have our product lineup ready for commercialization by September. Right now we are just showing the module, but of course, the actual product will have a case. We are also considering vertical displays, which smartphones are also capable of. We intend to utilize applications that run on Android in our kiosk solutions in the future, not just Windows-based solutions as we have done in the past.” disclosed KSR to DigInfo.

Thus, arguably  the Android operating system has a stronger impact on the digital signage industry than Apple’s (we’ve addressed this topic in a previous article).  Android- based digital signage has been a topic raised in the  industry a few times before- David Weinfield tackling the OS’s future when presenting the 1st Android- based TV and we’ve addressed it when commenting on the launch of Adobe’s Flash player 10.2 and Adobe’s Air 2.5.

The multi-touch system runs off an Android terminal, connected to the touch sensors via USB and HDMI to the display port, perfectly replicating the Android interface.



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