iPad2 for children?

It seems so, as Toys R Us confirmed the tablet’s endorsement, not for its clients (parents) but for its consumers (children). Don’t rush to the nearest toys store though to check the news, if you’re in Europe or other parts of the world except the US, as the toy-store iPad2 is available only in certain American stores (check the list here). It’s not up for sale online either, probably to exclude any 3rd party resellers from the equation. The children-targeted device comes with coloured smart-covers (pink, green, orange) and small memory (16 GB and 32 GB), Electronista notes. (Twitter sources claim the new ”toys## are already sold-out!! )

Besides the principles related question of whether children do need such sophisticated devices to play, the new ”toy” opens up another topic for discussion- advertising for children. The iPad2 can constitute just another medium  to reach kids who are much more prone to pay attention to advertising than their parents. Probably Toys R Us’ move is based on previous studies confirming the children’s appetite for technology (their parents ”new toys”)  and their familiarity with digital devices.

Will the children become more important participants in the advertising and digital signage conversation?

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