Future trends in digital signage

A new industry forecast has been released by DigitalSignageToday compiling future case scenarios, expert commentaries from digital signage visionaries, the Digital Signage Future Trends Survey results and comparisons with the 2009 survey data. The report provides evidence for the industry’s growth (3/4 of respondents reckoning an increase in their digital signage investments at the present vs. only 1/2 in 2009) with 16% of the survey participants planning to invest more than $1 million in the sector.

Technological advancements encountered during the past 2 years are also mentioned, with 60% of the survey participants deploying networked screens allowing remote content control. The report forecasts a deepening division between the low end and the high end of the market, between companies deploying expensive, high-tech digital signage projects and those focusing on pervasiveness. The following advice given by an industry expert on the sector’s future direction drifts away from digital signage being an exclusive tool for top brands only and can be concentrated into one word: omnipresence ”making sure…there are screens everywhere…on every street corner”.

The drivers of digital signage investments identified by this study’s participants are the classical ones: 1) customer experience (59.2%); 2)branding (52.9%); 3) ad revenue (43.3%). As expected, mobile devices are the main technology to impact digital signage, with their interaction that not becoming an industry standard just yet despite being forecast since 2009.

The above notes are excerpts from the Digital Signage Future Trends 2011 report. To read the entire executive summary or download the report in full click here.

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