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More on the interesting potential of a mobile- screen interaction, the way we see it. It seems like the smartphones are smart-ying out people’s lives and this time it’s photo sharing that another app has been especially created for. Instagram is the new tool of ”sharing your life through a series of pictures”, only available on iPhones for the moment, and here’s how it works: you take a photo, edit it and then upload it on social networks. It’s another example of instant life- sharing via screen-taken photos (besides the tweet mirror enabling people to take photos of their outfits and publish them instantly on Twitter and Facebook).

This app could serve to more than just social networking if businesses decide to tap into its advertising potential. Sharing ”fresh” photos from important events with a large community in real-time and uploading these photos on screens in key locations: various venues, city centres would enhance both the rhythm and authenticity of mass- communication & advertising and a more timely and dynamic content will be produced via a largely available tool. The photos’ quality is pretty good and so is the variety of filters one can apply for giving a special ”feel” to a picture. And it’s free! Several brands like Burberry and Bravo TV have already endorsed Instagram hashtags campaigns such as: #TheArtOfTrench and #TCFinale for capitalizing on its brand engagement and location- based marketing potential. Starbucks shared its new logo via Instagram for real-time feedback. This only comes to prove the advertising capacity of a simple app with arguably stronger effects if transposed on larger, more visible devices.

Instant life- sharing’ s transition from text to a more visually rich reality can only make digital signage’s final output more entertaining, more credible and more worth- watching.
If you want to listen to what the founders have to say about this new app follow this link.

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