Digital signage demo in Times Square

Here’s how you can post the content you need&like on outdoor/ indoor screens around the world using TubeMote ( and your smart phone. The content goes right through the web making the process easy and quick (no app to download). So you don’t need a PC to update the content of your digital signage signage system (network of screens&software); you can control the screens from anywhere and at anytime; between two meetings, in the car/bus/subway (wherever you have an Internet connection)- imagine how useful this is going to be in an emergency situation, you ensure that a more accurate and timely content goes live thus keeping your audience connected and informed. Besides the news- dimension the thing might have a commercial impact too if in a revenue-focused environment. Determining your customers to use their devices for interacting with the screen is vital in an increasingly multi-channeled retail environment.

As a side note, something similar was possible before with the help of VNC- a remote control software that allows you to have access to a screen- connected computer but TubeMote just makes things easier by removing the PC/Mac from the equation.
So go digital and go live!

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