New advertising regulations anger French media agencies.

digital signage image

The new outdoor advertising regulations issued by the Ministry for Ecology in France are met with strong disagreement by media agencies that deem them ”contrary to the law” and ”irresponsible”. These rules set at a national level limit the size of the signs, their height, image density, energy consumption and light intensity as they aim to decrease the level of urban visual pollution. For the moment, they are not unanimously approved.

The advertising field is valued at 11 millions euro and is seen as an important employment provider in France.  With urban advertising quantitatively limited, the revenues of the sector might be so as well not to mention the digital signage vendors that might see a lower demand for their products and services.

This situation in France gives us an idea of what one should lobby against and try to avoid to protect lucrative economic sectors (outdoor advertising and digital signage). And in this day and age the last thing national economies and people need is more job cuts or bankrupt companies. Of course, this economic concern has to be balanced with the care for urban environment but tackled in a more financially- friendly way.

Source: NKM causes anger among advertising companies