Live road traffic info and digital signage

The need for providing real-time information on traffic conditions has been long- identified by companies like Infotrafic (France) and INRIX (US) yet the content was confined to PCs, radios and mobile-phones for quite a while.  At this year’s DSE in Las Vegas the two companies announced their decision to partner and commercialize live traffic maps to Digital Media which makes sense both from a business and utilitarian perspective. In the end, for traffic to be considerably improved a larger number of drivers should have access to the same information (as not all of them have INRIX/Infotraffic subscriptions or 3G mobile phones).

According to Jérôme Lefevre the demand for news on traffic conditions is steadily increasing which prompted the decision of making them publicly available. As Lefevre states it is not  ”the magic solution” to traffic problems but by keeping the drivers in the know they contribute to decreasing their stress level, enabling them to take better decisions when under pressure. Hence, even though traffic might remain busy, one should  expect less accidents to occur and less cars jamming in the same place at the same time. And part of the credit would go to the digital- signage sector.

The Infotrafic- INRIX partnership only proves that as far as DOOH is concerned: the sky is the limit for its use and benefits when content, location and audience are wisely analysed. We’d say the traffic info is quite a must- have for all screens in public areas (and their corresponding public/private agencies) and it could soon match the weather updates in terms of popularity (as everybody needs them…).

For more on this topic you can read INRIX’s press release here.

As no image/video was publicised until now we can only imagine that it will look like this (but it might not).


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