Interactive digital signage in San Francisco’s bus stops

If you’re getting bored while waiting for the bus (and who doesn’t?) you might be provided with some entertainment; if you’re in San Francisco and happen to wait at one of the 20 bus shelters equipped with 72- inch interactive screens  to play video games on. Both the software and hardware are owned by Obscura Digital in collaboration with Yahoo! who created the entire marketing campaign. And you could name this a quite successful endeavour since from November on it generated 20,000 game plays. All of the 20 screens are connected to 3G modems allowing for a real time experience to take place; experience which will be fostered by around 100 screens until mid- 2011. Obscura Digital expressed their openness to launch a campaign for Apple’s iPad2 allowing people  to ”test” the new device on a 70- inch large screen. As far as we know it didn’t happen, but it still stands as a good idea for other experimental- focused projects. All in all, it’s an example of touchscreen technology, integrated digital signage and entertainment at their best.

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