NanoLumens or the screens that bend

Have you ever thought that the display of a large screen would be as simple as hanging a mirror on the wall? No crew of experts needed nor hydraulic equipment. While maybe most of us didn’t, what we did use to think of are the screens themselves, as being these large, heavy things quite difficult to move around. Not valid anymore. The shape of the LED screens has been literally reinvented. Circle, triangle or plain square- shaped they can match the surface they’re displayed on (and not the other way around).

The product developed by NanoLumens is lighter (90 lbs for a 112” one), thinner (2” thin) and more flexible than what we were used to. Displaying it takes minutes and as they say, it’s ”as easy as hanging a large mirror on a wall or a tapestry from a ceiling”. Furthermore, elements of urban architectural design that weren’t traditionally¬†used as advertising space (or used at all) such as columns can now have a monetary benefit. The future is definitely not what is used to be. Comments welcomed below.

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