Hosted or Premises based Digital Signage?

There was an interesting article in ‘Signage Solution magazine’ that pretty much sums up the current market and where Digital Signage is heading, Dynamax sits in both camps which has proven to be a good strategy.

“Traditional digital signage will continue to grow as more corporations use electronic displays to replace old, large-print signage. The premises side of traditional signage will continue to be the primary growth engine for digital signage. Digital signage has the glitz that large corporations want and can afford.

Ad-supported digital signage will do well. Companies like Wal-Mart will increasingly deploy digital signage and will look to their suppliers to help fund the systems. There has been tremendous growth of this model in Europe as major retail brands have adopted the ad-supported model. In summary, the digital signage industry will indeed grow – but not at the breakneck pace predicted five years ago. Prices will come down as technology improves and as competition plays a governing role in the market.

The low end of the market will be relegated to low-cost hosted digital signage solutions, and the high end of the market will be ceded to those providers that can offer feature-rich premises-based systems. Traditional premises-based signage deployments will be where the big money will flow, followed by ad-supported.”

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