Dynamax announce partnership with technology company Assured Systems

Dynamax Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce a recent collaboration with Assured Systems, a leading technology company who offer high quality and innovative computer solutions to a number of sectors.

The companies are joining forces as Dynamax now has an appropriate HTML5 software product which can run on numerous players and is compatible with Assured Systems hardware. The partners believe that it is the right time to create an exciting future for digital signage solutions together.

James Priest, Managing Director at Assured Systems, said:  “With digital signage, the whole package is important – through testing and experience, we know our hardware offers the best reliability, performance and ultimately value for Dynamax’s users – meaning content can run 24/7/365 without question.  We’re proud to partner with Dynamax to offer such a solid platform.”

After being aware of each other for a number of years, Dynamax can now support Assured Systems players with their cloud-based digitalsignage.NET software.

Howard Smith, Founder and Director of Dynamax, commented on the news: “Assured Systems knowledge and experience has enabled them to select and offer an excellent range of optimised digital signage devices. As a result of this, we are delighted to endorse the use of our software on these platforms”

Following an initial meeting at the Assured Systems head office, it has been decided that the partnership will allow Dynamax to promote Assured Systems PC’s to their Channel Partners and vice versa.


About Assured Systems

Assured Systems is a leading technology company offering high quality and innovative computer solutions to the embedded, industrial, and digital-out-of-home market sectors.

You will find Assured Systems products in a diverse range of applications throughout their key verticals, which include energy, transportation, defence, automation, process control, medical, asset tracking, narrowcasting, gaming and multimedia.

The core technology is sourced directly from manufacturers around the world; their impressive portfolio includes products from both Asia and the Americas.

For more information about Assured Systems, please visit www.assured-systems.co.uk/


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