Meet the mastermind behind our Support team

Andrew Walsh, our Operations Manager

Andrew is the person that keeps things spinning when it comes to support, he is the one that makes sure that your enquiries are answered promptly and your support tickets are resolved quickly.

He’s also the mind behind our Forums, ensuring that you are offered all the support and training materials you need to use our digital signage software.  So we thought we should help you put a face to the name and give you a better idea about the person you will be or already are dealing with.

1. How long have you been with Dynamax?
I have been with Dynamax for 9 years since making a career change from Mechanical Engineering to computer software. Working with large blue chip companies like BT, JCDecaux and Clear Channel gave me valuable industry experience and knowledge.  A position arose for Operations manager and I was offered the role. This gave me a change to gain new skills and knowledge while managing a number of staff and getting more involved in the day to day business tasks and management decisions.

2. What does your job role entail? Please describe your typical day.

What is a typical day? No two days are the same. I can be involved in customer meetings, supplier discussions, invoice conversations, software development and customer-related support issues. My job involves all aspects of the business.

3. Name the three things you like most about your job.

a)       “Variety is the spice of life” and that statement is true. I am fortunate to have a varied role and this keeps me involved at all ends of the business scale.

b)      Helping other colleagues to improve their knowledge and experience

c)       Making customers happy with the services they receive from Dynamax. Happy customers hopefully mean repeat business.

d)      Of course I cannot forget the cakes my colleagues bring on their birthdays.

4. How would you describe Dynamax as a company?

Dynamax are very experienced in the digital signage sector, one of the few businesses that has been there since BDSE (Before Digital Signage Existed). Growing from evangelist to industry specialist, Dynamax has helped develop and spread the digital signage word for many years.

5. You are heavily involved in the development of digitalsignage.NET and you know the software inside and out. Can you give us an insider’s view on the product? What excites you about the product?

digitalsignge.NET was developed from our industry knowledge of feature-rich out of home software products like POV- an enterprise digital signage software offered to Blue chip clients but with features that would not be used by SME’s. Our challenge was to start again and develop a simple-to-use, simple-to-deploy and simple-to-maintain product that was designed from the ground and a piece of software that could fit in all business sectors (Education, Hospitality, Corporate, Retail etc.).

The most exciting thing about digitalsignage.NET is that it is driven by the user. It’s the users who decide how they want it to work and what they want the software to do for them. So it’s the user who dictates the development roads we take: new feature, UI changes etc. This vital input helps to give the customer exactly what they want: robust, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective software solutions.

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