Special on Valentine’s day- why we love our end-users

Our Support team deals with (who else than) clients & end-users every day-  they are either IT staff, small business owners, networks administrators or  resellers & VAR’s of digitalsignage.NET. We get calls from them everyday (or more often) and in some way, we got to know them.

So we thought to show our appreciation today and highlight why we love talking to them.

Reason no.1. They respect us and appreciate our skills; that’s why they’re our clients. We’ve been working with many of them for years and the respect grows exponentially with the time and believe it or not, this gets reflected in support phone calls as well.

Reason no.2. They make life more exciting. Even if some of the questions we get are pretty generic, you bounce some odd ones every now and again that are just upping our IQ’s! Thanks for that.

Reason no.3. They help us make digitalsignage.NET the product they need.  They offer us invaluable feedback over the phone that it couldn’t be obtained via surveys or other official channels.

Reason no.4. They make us socialise more. I mean, we also do a bit of chatting (if the issue is not urgent) which helps us overcome the daily routine. They prevent us from falling into stereotypes (no, our support techs are not fat and anti-social, they’re quite chatty in fact) and from falling victim to that IT personality no. 4  associated with support drones.

Reason no.5. Friends are hard to come by. During the years, we succeeded to build strong relationships with our end-users and resellers whose importance goes beyond the financial one. We value their respect and trust in us and we do our best to meet and exceed their expectations.

Last but not least, we love our customers, resellers and end-users because they’re genuinely nice people worthy of our appreciation and respect.

Keep ringing us guys, we love to hear from you! If you want to spread some love, use the comments below or flood our inboxes (we’d be thrilled!)

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