Royal Wedding gets UK’s best DOOH spot

Live photos from the Royal Wedding will be published on UK’s best DOOH spot Hello! and Ocean Outdoors announce. The screens are located on the elevated side of A4 at Hammersmith, a main arterial linking Central London to the Heathrow Airport (the largest in the UK). The place is considered the country’s best outdoor digital advertising opportunity with the two screens synchronised to enhance their visual impact. A live stream of photos will bring the event closer to those still caught in their daily business despite the fact that 29 of April recently became a public holiday. The photos will include key moments such as Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s arrival at Westminster Abbey and their return to the Buckingham Palace.

Ocean Outdoor’s Marketing Director Richard Malton  states there cannot be a better way to capture the ”big day” than through digital, real-time bits of visual information ”“What better way to capture the grandeur and glamour of such a spectacular day through amazing pictures, as it actually happens.”  Judging by the demographics provided by Ocean Outdoor, the Two Towers represent a key location for those most likely to be on the road at that time of the day and highly interested in the event – 25-34 year olds, from which 51% females.

So pack your things and come to London! See photo sample below.

Source: Outdoor Ocean and OOH-TV.

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