New digital signage hardware

DSA-146For keeping you informed we did some window- shopping this morning for digital signage hardware novelties and came across this fresh all-in-one display screen, that seems both software- and user- friendly. Middle- sized, it’s suitable to retailers of all sizes and venues of all kinds, outdoors and indoors. This new HD LCD (1920 x 1080 pixels) embeds the following technical features: Intel® Atom™ processor N330 1.66 GHz, SAW touchscreen, open frame design and MIC-in/line-out and belongs to the Taiwanese manufacturer, Axiomtek.

In plain language its other capabilities are:

1. backlight and external brightness sensor enabling it to detect external brightness level

2. pluggable module architecture making it easy to maintain

3. motion detection sensor

4. remote management through internet

And as a reminder, what can digital signage do for you? It helps you provide customers with relevant information in a timely manner, promote your products/services, strengthen your company’s brand imagine and make extra- revenue by selling screen advertising space. Do not resort to it  if your business is making too much money or you don’t want to increase your sales…

Now back to serious things again; more information about Axiomtek’s OFP-200 can be found here.

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