Instantly customised ads in NYC.

instantly customised print ads in supermarketExciting news from New York about taking place- based media to another level. The personal one. Imagine being able to display the ad corresponding to the individual’s buying patterns exactly when he/she is shopping. Armed with data about 80 million customers Catalina Marketing is possibly the first network to instantly customise ads based on past purchasing preferences.

How it works: the colour printers installed in each venue are printing a receipt-size ad alongside with the actual receipt right after a customer’s purchase, informing him/her about new products and if engaged enough, redirecting him/her to an instant additional purchase. Researchers show that 80% of the individuals actually read these prints which only proves that relevant ads do attract attention.

Targeted marketing is relevant to consumer packaged goods companies  or small business who depend on small but frequent purchases. It is also relevant because as Catalina’s study shows only 2.5% of the customers account for 80% of the average brand’s sale. So if you’re baffled at the idea of individually customised ads, be aware that you would need to focus only on a small percentage of your clients, on those who make the largest part of your revenue. And as seen there are not that very many (Pareto’s 80-20 rule seems to fall). The capacity to communicate to your key customers in their own ”language” is what ”makes or breaks a brand”- ”If you can focus your media on these crucial consumers you can really grow your business” Catalina Marketing declares.

So if this shy yet efficient endeavour (in the end it’s only a paper-slip) seems to work imagine what an interactive digital ad could do! Is this a new opportunity for the digital signage industry and for the digital media? You could say so. Imagine receiving an ad on your mobile or seeing it on a screen reminding you about your favourite type of chocolate (remember it’s a girl writing this) exactly when you’re about to go out from the supermarket! It makes sense to us; let us know what you think.

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Oh and here are some useful links: Catalina and the full article.

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