The pay-per-look- DOOH’s new billing method?

As the industry evolves, new ways of measuring the efficiency outdoor advertising campaigns are arising. During the last DSE, Ayuda Media Systems presented its pay-per-look charging manner according to which advertisers are charged by a more exact metric- the number of people actually looking at the ad. The system also allows brands to have a deeper insight into the demographic characteristics of their public: such as age and gender without recording the faces of the viewers.

So ”you pay for what you get” which was deemed a more reasonable charging method than by impression, an estimate of people passing by looking or not looking at an ad (see full article here).

Yet the future will tell if the pay-per-lookis DOOH’s next billing method. Anyway there is a clear convergence between the out-of-home advertising and the online one. What will come out of this? Definitely an interesting trend to follow. Let us know what you think below.

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