Can digital signage help the online2offline market?

There is a lot of talk around at the moment about the online2offline market and how its growing to being a trillion $ opportunity !!

What is online2offline you may ask, well its the use of online technologies to drive people to places where we actually still spend the majority of our money (we still spend far more of our money in the real world at bars/restaurants and shops than online in the virtual world).
Online companies such as FourSquare drive an audience to actual venues rather than deeper online. Other companies such as OpenTable and Groupon do the same sort of thing. Its the connection between the virtual world and the real world, and of course its the real world where digital signage happens.

So is it possible that the digital signage screen in venues can serve as the ‘backchannel’ back to the online world and effectively create ‘stickiness’ for the venues in the real world, whilst also promoting these services in the venues for the none savvy none Generation Y’ers that are also in these venues with powerful smartphones?

Like POS for the Internet!

Read more here on online2offline and find out why it is a trillion dollar opportunity.

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