3 thoughts on “We are Live!!

  1. Congratulations to digitalsignage.NET from IAdea! Wish you great success and IAdea will continue to provide the best hardware for use with your great service!

  2. Congratulations to Dynamax for digitalsignage.net from PH Solutions ! We are glad that Low cost DS SaaS provided by a company with so many experience in the area of Digital Signage. PH look forward to celebrate the new success stories with digitalsignage.net as we have in the past with Dynamax POV.

    Kyriacos Piperides | Manage Director
    PH Solutions Ltd (Cyprus)

    ps: If my English sound Greek to you is because Greek is my mother tang.

  3. Congratulations!!!

    We are expecting a lot of succes on this.
    It is a great business model for those who want to start their own digital signage business.
    We have been working with Dynamax for years, so for sure this is goint to be a powerfull and flexible solution.

    Jorge Sobenes
    Business Manager | Broadcast and Professional Video
    Santiago, Chile