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Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Mersey Rail Real Time InformationStrategic digital signage communications help a business achieve its goals. digitalsignage.NET can give your messages more relevance and impact by enabling you to:

  • Reach your non-wired employees;
  • Send tailored messages to each department and allow them to publish their own news on screens around your office;
  • Promote your staff’s and company achievements;
  • Welcome visitors to Reception and present your company in an professional manner;
  • Manage incidents and cascade information quickly;
  • Minimize the environmental impact of communicating with your stakeholders.

Organisations throughout the UK are using digitalsignage.NET to promote themselves and display eye-catching company presentations on screens in Reception areas, meeting rooms, dining areas or hallways.

Find your how our customer Mersey Rail used digitalsignage.NET to share Real time information with its staff members. Click here

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