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Retail Digital Signage

RohanDigital signage in retail, has a profound impact on the shopping experience, enabling customers to make more informed decisions and helping retailers to make their stores more attractive and increase revenue.

digitalsignage.NET allows you to:

  • Build a consistent brand image;
  • Gain an advantage over non digital stores
  • Increase awareness of new products;
  • Communicate opening times, special promotions and other store-related information;
  • Update your communications in different stores quickly and easily at no extra- costs and with no delays;
  • Control an unlimited number of screens in single or multiple locations and grow your network at your own pace;
  • Display social media Twitter feeds or QR codes to engage your customers while they’re in your stores;
  • Reduce print costs replacing existing paper based signs with digital screens;
  • Communicate with your staff and provide a visual training aid.

Here’s what British outdoor clothing retailer, Rohan says about our software solution and the benefits of using digital information displays at the Point of Sale.

digitalsignage.NET VAR testimonial from Howard Smith on Vimeo.

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