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Public Sector Digital Signage

Throughout the years, Dynamax has helped numerous Government offices including the Police and Prisons Services and the NHS to deliver targeted, timely communications to the public.

digitalsignage.NET, our cloud- based digital signage software, allows public institutions to disseminate information straight from their offices, with minimum costs and effort.



Use it to:

  • Inform members of the public about matters of Health and Safety, wayfinding, Emergency messaging and staff training.
  • Update the information on your screens in almost real-time, at no- extra costs;
  • Monitor your network of screens remotely;
  • Involve other members of your institution in using the system regardless of their technical skills;
  • Cut through the information clutter and create a focal point of information;

Reduce your expenditures by decreasing print costs and adopting a greener communication strategy with the public.

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