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Hospitality Digital Signage

HospitalityCommunication is key in making people feel welcomed and at home in your hotel or restaurant. digitalsignage.NET allows you to deliver a vast array of information in a variety of formats when and where this matters the most.

Use digitalsignage.NET to:

  • Inform guests about your facilities and other related matters;
  • Advertise your deals and discounted packages;
  • Provide way- finding information;
  • Present food in a visually pleasant way in your restaurant or dining area;
  • Manage incidents and cascade information quickly;
  • Welcome guests and present your company in an original manner;
  • Advertise the prizes and awards that your establishment has won;
  • Reinforce your corporate values and strengthen your brand.

digitalsignage.NET allows you to display this information on your screens in a variety of formats- from static images to HD videos, from Twitter feeds to web pages. Send the right information to the right location with just a few clicks of your mouse and schedule content based on the time of day or day of the week for maximum impact and relevance.

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