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Engage with Educational digital signage

Digital signage can provide educational establishments with a simple, quick and efficient way of getting information to pupils, staff and visitors

The benefits of digital signage are often seen as a means to simply replace the conventional paper based notice board with a digital display or TV.  Before digital signage existed, teachers would post relevant message regarding school calendar events etc, and these would be manually updated each day by pinning a new paper note to the board. Today information can be update in almost real-time and from anywhere containing eye catching and interactive media, so no more visits to the paper based notice board are needed. Although this may be seen as a direct, modern replacement, more can be done to capture the interest of the passing eye.

But digital signage can offer so much more than this……..

Today some of the most popular uses for digital signage are: 

  •  Timetable displays- Show timetables across the school or campus and update them in seconds.
  • Staff updates- Up to the minute information on changes , staff rotas, substitute teacher arrangements and upcoming events
  • Pupil achievements- a focus on academic or sports related successes encouraging pupil moral and good behaviour.
  • Important message-  announce a fire alarm, provide a news flash. Deliver the Information required quickly.
  • Way finding and informative kiosks-  Interactive maps and campus information  allowing users to interact and help themselves to find the items they require, eg. Locating the eateries or information on an upcoming sporting event.
  • News and  Weather – Local an nations news events, bad weather alerts, that inform on current condition and advisory actions
  • Revenue generation- eatery offers and campus promotions on books or sporting equipment.
  • Welcome message- Provide visitors with a warm and inviting welcome and inform them on upcoming events and establishment achievements.

 But this is expensive to setup, right?

Costs of implementing a digital signage system have reduced to a point where educational buyers feel that the benefits outweigh the cost and can also provide environmental advantages to traditional paper methods. Cloud based digital signage has also taken away a large proportion of the initial costs with no need for expensive hardware and dedicated IT staff to maintain the system. Subscription based pricing allows buyers to start with a single screen and grow the system at their own pace while maintaining a managed expenditure.

 Keeping it social

Today pupils and teachers alike all make use of social media. Keeping up to date with a friend on Facebook or following a celebrity on Twitter, social media is here to stay.  Why not take advantage of this by having your own Facebook page or put out some tweets yourself from your school Twitter account.  Get participation from pupils, encouraging feedback or involvement on projects and school events. All this can be done quickly with ease and simultaneously displayed on your digital signage system.

 Make a dedicated Information Channel

Don’t just hang a screen on wall and send random information to it, make it a dedicated channel that attracts users to view and interact.

Keep the information relevant, informative, interesting but most of all fresh. Viewers don’t want to view the same information over and over again, day after day after day.  Plan how you are going to use the screen, what is going to be displayed and who are you going to involve. Create engaging content that keeps the viewer interested. Check out some tips to keeping you Channel update here

 Consider this before buying

  • Ensure that you have a plan for how you are going to use the system
  • How are you going to measure its success?
  • What content types are you going to show?
  • Which staff will be active users?
  • What training is required to use the system?
  • Can I get a free no obligation trial?
  • Do a pilot, get user and viewer feedback.
  • Ensure you are supported fully by the vendor
  • Are software updates included?

 Need to know more?

digitalsignage.NET offers Education establishments , simple to use cloud based digital signage solutions that provides powerful features, but with a familiar drag and drop interface. Keep viewers entertained with a wide range of supported media and go social with our news , weather and social media apps.

We have been in digital signage for many years and we would love to able to pass this knowledge onto you.

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 Information researched in this article provided by AV News