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Free digital signage-Community Edition


digitalsignage.NET Community Edition is our Free forever digital signage scheduler and Android player software.

It is available to all and can be downloaded below.

The Community Edition can be used to create a simple playlist of images and videos that can be played back on any compatible Android device

In three simple steps Windows Laptop

You can have your content displayed on your screen

1. Open the Community Edition Scheduler Software and add your images and videos

2. Save your media playlist to a USB stick

3. Place the USB stick into your compatible Android device with our Player Software installed

       That’s it ! Your media playlist will play on your screen. No internet required!

Need help?human-995562_1920

Our dedicated support team are available to help with your questions

Just drop our support team an email and we will get back to you asap.

Download our quick setup guide

Quick setup guide 

hand-944307_1280.jpgGet started

Download your Free forever Windows Scheduler below and receive a link to our free Android player

Free Windows Scheduler 

 Recommended specifications: Scheduler, Windows 7, 8, 10, Android player, Kit Kat 4.4


Please note: digitalsignage.NET Community edition comes with a removable static advertisement. Find out here how this can be removed


Need a network solution ?

Why not try out our Android cloud version for free