Sheffield Students’ Union

Sheffield SU installs digitalsignage.NET after ditching poster frames

digital poster run by digitalsignage.NETSheffield’s student union runs a huge number of events throughout the academic year, up to 15 events a week to put it into perspective. The SU had 55,000 visitors during ‘Intro Week’ and hit record attendances for the new space Foundry, Studio & Fusion, which is where the software has been put in place.

Primarily the decision to use our software was based on the flexibility of it, in terms of being able to show video, moving images, bar offers and posters alongside twitter feeds. A network of seven players with 20 screens has been installed by our partner One Digital Media.

Chris Howett, Marketing Manager at Sheffield student union, said: “We looked at lots of systems and all of them are fundamentally capable of the same things. What stood digitalsinage.netdigital posters in student union controlled by digitalsignage.NET by Dynamax apart was its simplicity. We don’t need to fly to the moon with the systems we use, we need to easily programme our posters and advertising schedule on the screens we have.”

Chris aims to update the screens once a week, but can easily access them more often if he decides he wants them to be updated more regularly.  He added “It’s far more compelling than a traditional poster frame!”

See what digitalsignage.NET can do for your school by testing it for free. All you need is a MAC or a standard PC. No obligations, no credit card required.