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Football Clubs in Belgium

Expo Sports Media are a new venture that has been pushing a new market of advertising in Sports clubs across Belgium. They have partnered with Review and their cloud based digital signage software “digitalsignage.NET” to provide digital signage advertising.
Gregory Verdonck from Expo Sport Media explains;

“Lower league football clubs in Belgium are finding it hard to fill the pitch side perimeter advertisement board with sponsorships. Clubs are increasingly looking internally for ways to target the supporters directly. We saw a gap in the market and have been discussing options with a range of clubs across Belgium to provide digital signage solutions designed to target individuals with dynamic advertising and club related information.”
“Digital signage allows the club to show information relating to promotion materials for upcoming matches and club merchandise. It also displays local information such as menus for fine dining restaurants, vehicle service offers from garages and other local retailers.” FC Keerbergan digital display installs

‘Football clubs in Belgium have significantly increased their sponsorships deals when targeted digital signage has been installed. A 60% increase has been shown with most of the sponsors being new to the clubs. The introduction of high impact displays provides sponsors new and existing with an advertising medium that attracts and influences viewers.”
“digitalsignage.NET, the cloud based digital signage platform from Review, has provided Expo Sport Media with an intuitive and powerful solution that is perfect for Sports based advertising. Its simplistic design and ease of use give untrained individuals a robust marketing tool, allowing place based media content to be managed easily.”

The National Sponsor System, also introduced by Expo Sport Media, is perfect for large multinational companies, like Nike and Coca Cola. They can advertise their products across the network of different football clubs across the county, expanding their market reach.
Expo Sport Media has seen their advertising based sport business expand across Belgium and is now targeting clubs in the Netherlands and Germany. This expansion is built on the foundations set up in Belgium and will no doubt attract more brands to the business.Export Sport Media digital display install in Belgium football club

If you have a football club based in Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany and would like your own high impact digital signage system, then please get in touch with Expo Sport Media or Review

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