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Pre installed Media player bundles



Pre installed Media player hardware bundleswindows-8-icon-logo-vector-400x400android

digitalsignage.NET media player hardware bundles provide a hassle free alternative to sourcing media player hardware yourself. Dynamax will provide a plug and play solution that will be 100% compatible and guaranteed for use on the digitalsignage.NET platforms.

Our dedicated hardware comes pre-installed with Core or Dynamic edition software* making deployment easy. Just plug in, connect to the internet and you are ready to go.

We do the hard work installing and testing the player before shipping and connect it to your account** We can offer a Windows* or Android bundle that, combined with our simple intuitive drag and drop user interface, will provided a robust and stable platform that has the flexibility of supporting a wide range of media formats.
Minix Z68i side1                        Minix Z68i Side 2                  Minix Z68i top


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*Available in Windows or Android format for Dynamic software users. Core software supports Android only devices.

**media player hardware will be added to users account with granted user permission. A username and password to the account will be required to set up.