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Retail Digital Signage

In-store digital media is a far more cost and time-efficient alternative to printed posters. It helps shoppers make more informed decisions while enabling vendors to improve their bottom line and transform their shops into more attractive places.

Our whitepaper- Digital Signage for Retail– presents:

  • How digital signage can help you decrease marketing costs at the POS and POP and increase the speed of promotion;
  • How digital signage can help one improving sales and brand sentiment;
  • The usefulness of digital window displays;
  • The two main influencers of digital signage ROI- content and location.

It also includes quotes by industry thought leaders on the future of retail technology as well as links to other digital signage resources.

Our readers say:

IAdea partner Dynamax has published a whitepaper Digital Signage for Retail. We found it highly informative and recommend you go request your own copy.”┬áRex Chen, Executive VP of IAdea.

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