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Digital Signage for Healthcare

Healthcare digital signage‘’The way we use technology has profoundly changed society. But the NHS has not kept pace.’’ Jeremy Hunt, UK health secretary stated on a blog.

Whether you agree with his statement or not and whether this is true where you are or it isn’t, one fact is certain: technology enables medical staff to deliver a better patient experience.

By downloading this white paper you will learn:

–          What is the link between communications, patient experience & satisfaction and funding;

–          The practical ways of using the technology and the types of messages you can display;

–          The advantages of digital signs over static posters;

–          The positives and negatives of the two main types of digital signage systems  (on-premise vs. cloud- based);

–          What you need to buy to set up a functional digital signage solution;

Request your copy now.

Healthcare white paper