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Core Edition Android player 2.0.1 released

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Core Edition Android player 2.0.1 released

Bug fixes and additions include…….


Weather widget- New API added

Weather widget- Location not found bug. Fixed

Twitter full screen with images- background images not playing. Fixed.

RSS feed – feed speed issue. Feed is unreadable due to display speed. Fixed

RSS feed- Backgrounds not playing when added to RSS widget. Fixed

RSS feed- Headlines now show on news feeds above main text. Added

RSS feed- Wrap text to allow text to display correctly when sizing widget. Added (This modification means that the vertical RSS widget is redundant.)

RSS feed- vertical widget removed. This is not required any longer


Transitions- issue with transitions on Android version 6.0 Fixed

Maintain aspect ratio not working on Android version 5.1.1 Fixed

Full screen feature not working on Android version 6.0. Fixed


Channels- Max no of media setting not working. Fixed

Channels- Playback issue when added a second playlist to a channel. Second playlist did not play. Fixed

Channels- when a user deletes a Channel that has a player assigned, the player is also removed from the Network settings. Fixed


Group playlist- files added as a new scene did not play. Fixed


Licencing- Player licences are not available for reuse after deleting a player from networks. Fixed


User account- Assigned playlists not visible to a users when added by the administrator. Fixed


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