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Core Edition 2.0.8 Android Player released

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New Android player version 2.0.8 released


digitalsignage.NET player software has been improved to reflect the User interface changes and minor bug fixes completed.

User interface

New- Media sharing between users. If you have multiple users within an account, you can now choose to allow the users to access different configurations of media. Administrators can choose to allow users to only see their own media, see media from selected other users, as well as their own media, or see all media from all users. This feature is enabled when a new user is created. Existing users can make use of this feature too, but may see existing linked media from before this update was added.

This feature can be enabled in Admin/Users

New– Scheduling times changed from 12 hours to new 24 hours and seconds added. i.e. 0:00:00 to 23:59:59 to make them more intuitive for users.

New- New text box widget improvement. Text box is now visible when adding to a page and typing text and new toolbox has been added.

Fixed- Raw files, (set by ticking “do not encode” in User settings) did not show their run time when added to a playlist. In some cases the file may not play correctly. This has now been fixed

The latest player version 2.0.8 can be found in your digitalsignage.NET account under the Networks/ Downloads section


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