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digital signage features

digitalsignage.NET offers an extensive feature set compatible across a wide range of supportedMedia player devices

windows-8-icon-logo-vector-400x400 HTML5_Logo_512 android small copy Iadea signboard icon Samsung small1
Windows Iadea HTML5 Android Iadea Signboard Samsung SSP
Supported Media
Flash (.swf)
Live TV
Exterity IPTV
Web Pages (www)
QR Codes
Windows Iadea HTML5 Android Signboard Samsung SSP
Drag and Drop
Multi Zone
Offline playback
Playlist shuffle
Content Expiry
Live Network Health status
Windows Iadea HTML5 Android Signboard Samsung SSP
Layout Designer
Pre-Defined Layout Templates
Image Editor
Full Screen Playback
Social media widgets
RSS feed tickers
Live weather

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